Summit High and Snowy Peaks Graduates

Education Foundation of the Summit would like to congratulate seniors at Snowy Peaks High (SPHS) and Summit High School (SHS).

Snowy Peaks’ big day is Thursday, May 25 and Summit High School graduates Saturday, May 27. Many graduates will attend colleges both in- and out-of-state including Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado State University to name a few.

2017 Scholarship Night

Summit County Scholarship Night

Scholarship Night, courtesy Drew Adkins, SHS Principal

The community came together to provide $422,000 in scholarships to this year’s students.

Education Foundation of the Summit awarded scholarships in the form of Chromebooks to all SHS and SPHS graduates.

What’s Next? Summer!

Graduations: besides enjoying a well-deserved celebration (and some extra sleep), what will you do this summer? We found a list of resources for high school graduates.